ACME Printed Circuit Board Assembly has start build (Ball Grid Array) BGA assembly service experience since Year 1994 to present time. Over these many year’s experience  BGA assembly with X Ray inspection machine, right assembly procedure, we are very confident to say that we know, and we can build a high quality, good yield rate BGA assembly board.

Ball grid array packaging is a method for reducing package size and integrating a greater number of functions on a single chip module. BGA (Ball Grid Array) also replaces solder balls on the component underside for SMT mounting. ACME PCB assembly capabilities include (ball grid array) BGA assembly and rework up to 65mm squared up to 36 layer printed circuit board.

ACME Printed Circuit Board Assembly is an EMS located in Southern California near Los Angeles airport, it especially for Small to Medium run PCB assembly. Our workmanship meets IPC 610 standard. ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer for Electronics Contract manufacturing since Year 2000.

Some BGA board assembly job required Via in Pad: Via in pad seems to be one of the hot topics these days. it is a bit of a tough one too. The BGA, SMT assembly guys pretty much always say “Don’t ever do it”. You gotta love those mutually exclusive requirement. Rather than just telling you “no, never”, we are going to do our best to give a few guidelines on how to do it properly.

We don’t like via in pad of BGA, but with done designs properly, there is some advantages.

ACME PCB assembly also doing BGA prototype assembly for customer. We are able to work BGA prototype assembly with or without stencil, and save customer’s prototyping cost.

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