PCB Fabrication and AssemblyOur service has a proven and cost-effective solution for your PCB fabrication requirement. As a Electronic contract manufacturing service provider in southern California, ACME PCB Assembly has good connection with more than 10 different PCB fabricate house. Each one has their strength in different area. It makes our customers easier to choice which board fabrication house for their current project is the best fit. Most customer has more than few projects and they might have board easy as 2 layer boards and they might also have 26 layers or more layer boards at same time.  Some of our supply chain (PCB fabricate house) especially on Prototype board fabricated. Some are good for expediting with high quality. Some PCB house in Local and some in oversea. Therefore, we can choice the best fit board fabrication house for each project for each customer.

ACME PCB Assembly is an ISO 9001:2015 certified EMS. We make sure you get best price with highest quality, on time delivery schedule. All PCBs are meet the high standards established by the IPC 600. Since ACME PCB Assembly is a IPC certified trainer for IPC A-610, we know how important the quality of bare board is, and we know what can drive the PCB Assembly labor higher.

We closely match new incoming inquiries to board house equipment and capabilities, ensuring you receive only those inquiries that you are interested in Acme Circuit board assembly provide PCB fabrication service in the development and manufacturing of quality single, double sided and Multi-Layers printed circuit boards for the computer, medical, transportation, communication, aircraft, aerospace and related industries.

At ACME PCB assembly, we take full responsibility for your printed circuit board order. This means we that we use only ACME PCB Assembly certified suppliers as our off shore partners.