Is lead-free (Pb-Free) also on your mind? It should be. Lead-free (Pb-Free) will impact almost everyone in the electronics industry – from suppliers of component, board and materials like paste and flux to manufacturers and users of electronics products and equipment. Also expect considerable investment both in human resources and capital equipment. Your relationship with your suppliers and customers will also be tested.

Most lead-free (Pb-Free) solders have higher melting points than currently used tin-lead solders. Soldering Alloys and Fluxes to the production and manufacturing environment. Lead-Free (Pb-free) soldering will not only impact the assembly process, but every facet of the soldering process, from a new inventory of parts, solder alloys, flux changes, contaminate free. Soldering irons, tips, tip temperatures, sponges and virtually everything that comes in contact with the soldering process, and thus pose a challenge for all board assembly processes. ACME PCB Assembly has training well for Lead-Free (Pb-free) soldering process which including SMT Reflow oven profiling, Hand Soldering Operators and Inspectors with a first hand view of the impact of adding Lead-Free (Pb-free).

Lead-free solder and assembly reliability is achieved if trained specialists carefully implement several process requirements. There are a number of variables that must be taken into consideration to achieve lead-free solder assembly joint reliability.

In addition to summarizing some of the technical issue in Lead-Free implementation, this presentation will focus on the status of legislation banning lead around the world including Europe, Japan, China and USA and how you can improve your company’s profile and benefit from this disruptive technology.

ACME PCB Assembly offers both Thru-hole (THT) and SMT in RoHS compliant assembly, Lead-Free (Pb-free) PCB assembly processes. Manufacturing your electronics to meet RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) can provide you a competitive advantage in the European market. ACME PCB Assembly is a leader in RoHS, and is manufacturing prototype to medium volume Lead-Free (Pb-free) electronic Printed Circuit Board assemblies. In-house IPC Certified Trainer to make sure all operator understand and capable to meet IPC-A-610 Class III, and IPC-J-STD-001Class III.