Printed circuit board production

There are many benefits of uBGA Assembly on Double Sided Flex Circuit Board offered by the Acme PCB Assembly, beginning with the fact it can considerably improve the physical characteristics of a design by reducing both weight and size. The cost and performance advantages of using uBGA Assembly on Double Sided Flex Circuit Boards are also quality points that engineers and designers keep in mind, since this technology is used in many types of industries.


A correctly constructed uBGA assembly on double sided flexible circuit board is at the heart of many successful product production operations. Flexible Circuit board assembly and design is a complex, specialized process, which is why many companies choose to outsource this task to a PCB assembly provider that has the capability to get the job done properly and promptly. If you need high-grade uBGA Assembly on flexible printed circuit board that results in a high-performance solution to your manufacturing requirements, Acme PCB Assembly can help.

If you need help with Ball Grid Array (BGA/uBGA) assembly on a double sided flex circuit boards contact us today and we can give you a quote for your next project.


  • Superior heat dissipation.
  • Dynamic Flexing.
  • Lower inductance (vs traditional wiring systems).
  • Superior package density.


ACME PCB Assembly uses the most advanced equipment for the development and manufacturing of high performance uBGA Assembly on Double Sided Flex Circuit Board . ACME PCB Assembly has equipment and processes which allow us to offer our customers a flexible, cost-effective, and quality-focused assembly. ACME understands the challenges companies face for their projects. ACME Flexible PCB Assembly is able to accommodate large orders while getting the work done within the the time expected.

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