Printed Circuit Board Fabrication


Do you have a new PCB idea and want to see it executed? Once you have the design drawn up and are ready to move forward you might be wanting to execute a large quantity because you know they will sell, but the bigger question is will it work properly?  Before spending all that money you should really consider a trial run before entering into a mass production of a certain product.

PCB Assembly recommends you should perform a trial run first.  A few important reasons you want to perform a trial run first before going head first into mass production is because a test run usually entails a mini mass production: which means instead of making 6,000 pieces right off the bat, we will be making 200, and then up it to 1,000 to see how the production goes.  If all goes well and production turns out the way you want, we would do the 6,000 order at that point.  As you can kind of understand now how it is like testing a product.

This trial run is often neglected and skipped by companies that are importing parts because they are in a hurry to deliver the product to their customer.  Although, it is still one of the essential steps at the beginning of the mass production page.

Mass produced product is never perfect the first time.

A Few Reasons to do a Trial Run First

  1. Tooling Correction and Adjustment
  2. Assembly and Manufacturing Adjustments
  3. Testing Tools Adjustment
  4. Spacing and Logistic Adjustment
  5. Defective List Establishment

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