Box Build

There is constantly a need for all circuit board repair and reworkACME PCB Assembly provides common rework and modification services for your existing printed circuit boards.  We will custom fit our service to our clients needs by using a wide variety of leading-edge technology.  We have highly skilled staff that will complete your project on time or as a 1-day assembly.

ACME PCB Assembly provides refinishing and repairs of all types of electronic printed circuit boards, which usually involves de-soldering and re-soldering of the surface mounted electronic components.  Manual techniques by expert personnel using appropriate equipment are required to replace defective components; area array packages such as ball grid array (BGA) devices particularly require expertise and appropriate tools.

A hot air gun or hot air station is used to heat devices and melt solder, and specialized tools are used to pick up and position often tiny components.  Before you consign circuit boards to the scrap barrel, call ACME PCB Assembly , because today no company can afford to throw money away.